Microbe-Lift Clean & Clear is a special blend of beneficial bacteria that keeps ponds clean & clear. Contains also photosynthetic bacteria and is grown in the bottle in which it is sold, thanks to a unique process! Tapping the Sun for a Cleaner Pond For years, people have tapped solar energy for a number of applications, such as rooftop solar panels for heating water, or photoelectric cells for generating electricity. Many calculators are made with small photoelectric cells that run off light instead of requiring batteries. Imagine tapping that great, free source of energy to reduce the maintenance of your pond. Well.you can! Like solar panels and photoelectric cells, the photosynthetic bacteria in MICROBE-LIFT Clean & Clear use energy from the sun to drive natural biological processes that will keep your pond clear and sediment-free. Clean & Clear will also reduce the maintenance on your filter. Clean & Clear is the only pond clarifier on the market with photosynthetic bacteria - one of the major reasons it is the #1 pond clarifier asked for by name! Clean & Clear contains more than 30 different, living, species of bacteria that can remove the organic waste in your pond. It is the most powerful pond formula that has proven its power for many years! Another reason that Clean & Clear can cut your pond and filter maintenance in half is its unique ability to tap this abundant power supply.the Sun!

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