Activex is for the colonization of filtration bacteria and differs from similar filter products as it contains a gel, which creates a retention substrate in the filter for the bacteria to multiply on more quickly and effectively. The gel substrate is harmless and feeds the bacteria. Introduce 10 ml of Activex per cubic foot of biological filter. There is no need to measure the filter system precisely and you need only feed the product into the biological part of the filter not the mechanical area. In a mature pond use Activex occasionally to boost the filter performance particularly after any chemicals have been used which may affect the biology in the filter, or after heavy feeding during Summer. In a new pond allow a few days between each application of Activex as the filter establishes and test water frequently throughout the colonization process first for ammonia and then for nitrite. The frequency for applications does not matter, every three days if you have a major problem establishing the filter with high readings, or if you are coping follow the directions on the bottle which are only a guide, with a natural product there are many ways to use it successfully

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