Makes tap water safeRemoves Chlorine and ChloraminesAlso removes heavy metals such as zinc, lead and copper10ml treats 100 gallons Kusuri Dechlorinator works almost instantly, removing Chlorine, Chloramines and heavy metals such as zinc and lead from tap water. Kusuri Dechlorinator removes these unwanted potentially toxic substances making tap water safe for your fish. Kusuri Dechlorinator can also be used when moving fish in transportation bags or isolation tanks whether in tap water or not. By removing copper Kusuri Dechlorinator will help calm the fish creating a less stressful environment during transportation. Dosage: 10ml per 100 gallons of new water and can be used at any temperature. Measure correct dose and add directly to the pond whenever tap water is added. Add in the same way to transportation bags or isolation tanks when moving fish.

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