The Koi Medic Salt Meter is ideal for testing your water for the Salt content which is extremely importantif you salt your pond. No More Guessing - with these accurate digital Salt Testers. Koi Medic Salt Meters are designed to measure and monitor the delicate salt concentration in your Koi pond. The meter is extremely easy to use; simply turn it on and dip into your Koi pond. Salt can be used in your Koi pond to treat fungal infections and to reduce osmotic stress. It helps to control algae growth and aids in eliminating most parasites. A salt concentration between 0.3% to 0.5% helps to detoxifying nitrite and to control string algae. The KoiMedic Salt Meter includes complete pond treatment instructions. This super Modern piece of technological equipment will give your accurate salt tests time after time and in an split second .... With it's clear Digital Readout - even a child can use it.. it is so simple to use. Specifications: Units of measurement - % Range 0.00 - 1.00% Resolution - 0.01% Accuracy - ±0.03% Battery Type - 4 x 1.5V Button Cell (Alkaline A76 or equivalent) Battery Life Approximately - 150 hours (Continuous Use) Automatic Shut-off Approximately - 15 minutes Temperature Compensation Automatic - 0 - 50 degrees Centigrade Operating Temperature - 0 - 50 degrees Centigrade Size - (L x W x H) 170mm x 32mm x 15mm Weight Approximately - 70 g

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