These Filtreau Drum filters have been produced to provide an entry level into the drum filter market. But the quality of these drum filters are superb for the price and represent excellent value for money. Designed for ponds up to 5000 gallons these Filtreau Drum filters have two 4″ (110mm) inlets and one 110mm outlet for connection of the circulation pump, and one 4″ (110mm) outlet for the waste. The drum filter comes complete with all the control gear and as mentioned above also has a 40watt Amalagam UV built in. This drum filter, with it’s 60 micron screen will filter particles out of the ponds water automatically with the automatic cleaning process that is built into the drum. Sensors monitor the water levels within the drum filter and a cleaning cycle is activated as and when necessary to ensure that all waste particles are removed and then flushed to waste. The motor that rotates the drum and the control gear have been used on other drum filters in the Netherlands and fully tested over the past 3 years so you can buy with confidence both on quality and reliability. PLEASE NOTE BACK WASH PUMP IS REQUIRED FOR CLEANING SOLD SEPERATLEY

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