The Evolution Aqua EazyPod Complete now makes your pond filtration even easier than ever, and each EazyPod Complete is also now available in green, making it more discrete in your garden, improving the overall aesthetics of your garden instead of just your pond water. Each Eazypod set includes both a mechanical and biological filter system, with the addition of a UV clarifier and air pump kit, making it one of, if not THE most complete system on the market. Every Complete unit is equipped with an integrated 18w UV clarifier marking it ideal for ponds up to 10,000 litres, and the optimum flow rate for the Eazypod complete is 5,000 Lph. The clarifier causes free floating algae in your pond to fuse together, meaning it can't pass through the filter system without being captured and broken down by the biological component of the EazyPod, removing that awkward greenish-tinge in your water. EazyPod Complete is supplied with an Evolution Aqua AirPump 70 Kit, consisting of a 70 l/pm (4200 litres per hour) air pump, durable manifold, airline and air stones as well as your fittings, helping you to oxygenate your pond water, giving fish and plants more to breathe and thrive. Key Features: Mechanical and biological filter, PUMP FED ONLY Includes AirPump kit kit comes with airstones and airlines With 18w UV clarifier


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