Colombo GH+ Colombo GH+ increases the total hardness of the pond water. GH stands for total hardness and is the measurement of the total amount of dissolved minerals within the pond water; these minerals mainly consist of Calcium. A correct total hardness or GH is essential for the well being of your fish and plants as plants and fish need these minerals for their health and growth. An ideal GH-value should be between 10 and 15°DH. When the optimal GH-value is reached using Colombo GH+, stabilise the values through the use of Colombo Balantex. Colombo GH+ is available in the following sizes: - Colombo GH+ 1Ltr - Treats 7,000 Litres - Colombo GH+ 2.5Ltr - Treats 17,500 Litres - Colombo GH+ 5Ltr - Treats 35,000 Litres - Colombo GH+ 15Ltr - Treats 105,000 Litres Dosage: 1 Measuring spoon (=15 ml) per 200 litres of pond water increases the GH value by 2°DH. Dilute the required amount in a bucket or watering can with lukewarm water and add to pond. Never poor directly onto plants. Test water quality at least once a month and correct if necessary.

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