Colombo Balantex Fish Pond Water Treatment Stabilises the pH Restore hardness and mineral content 100% natural pond treatment Fast acting formula Description Regular use of Colombo Balantex restores and maintains the correct mineral balance in your pond water. Maintaining a stable and suitable GH and KH level in your pond is essential for the well being of your plants and fish. In case of a low GH or KH value, use Colombo GH+ and/or Colombo KH+ first to restore these values to the correct level. Hereafter, these values can be held stable with the use of Colombo Balantex Colombo Balantex is available in the following sizes: - Colombo Balantex 1Ltr - Treats 7,000 Litres - Colombo Balantex 2.5Ltr - Treats 17,500 Litres Dosage: Starting dose is 1 measuring spoon (=15 ml) per 500 litres of pond water for 5 days. Hereafter, for maintenance 1 measuring spoon per 1,000 litres of pond water per week. Dilute the required amount into a bucket or watering can with lukewarm water. Never poor directly onto plants. Add Colombo Balantex to the pond water at regular intervals, this way you will maintain the KH and GH value, this is fundamental for a healthy pond and crystal clear water.

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